Jagwani Innovation is a platform to drive constructive innovation for multiple marketplaces. We aim to provide resources and opportunity to innovators around the globe to portray their unique vision to industry leaders, thereby making significant improvements in how the industry is perceived and how processes can be improved while maintaining highest possible quality standards.


Housed under the umbrella of Jagwani Group of companies, Jagwani innovation will focus on realizing out of the box thoughts into constructive solutions. We hope that the products and services incubated in our platform alter their intended applications to be user friendlier, cost effective, time saving and more importantly life altering innovations.


Mission : To re-define and re-invent how products and processes work together to make meaningful change in society.


Vision : To be able to solicit, conceive, create, develop and deploy status-quo redefining innovations to effect large scale changes in a wider array of verticals.


Products / Services

Product Development and Concept Realization team spread in 4 countries.


  • Incubator for products and services in Aviation, Defense, Logistics and Material Handling
  • Development of new solutions for applications ranging from aircraft operations, airport operations, Naval operations etc.
  • A platform for innovations which enhances value


Our Office


Mr. Gopal Jagwani
Founder and Chairman | Jagwani Group of Companies
Mr. Lenin Narayanan
BD and Innovation Head| Jagwani Group of Companies| Aviation and Logistics

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